Zenthai Shiatsu

Zenthai Shiatsu is a restorative massage practice combining elements of Traditional Thai Massage, Zen Shiatsu and Osteopathy.

An intuitive and fluid technique, using dynamic movement to restore balance, reduce inflammation and help you to fall into a state of deep relaxation (think of it as a yoga class, but the stretches are done for you).

Zenthai addresses your body holistically, not only creating space in your joints and muscles, but also working with the psychological body. When emotions are not given space to be expressed, they can become stuck, commonly in muscles and fascia. As these repressed emotions accumulate, physical and mental symptoms may begin to arise. Imagine a powerful river blocked by a concrete dam. As the pressure builds, so do the forces needed to keep the water from bursting. With focussed intention we can begin to release these ‘issues in your tissues’, creating more harmony in your body.

To experience this for yourself, book a session with Asher. Each session includes a short consultation to better understand your specific needs.


60 mins - 750 kr
90 mins - 950 kr
120 mins - 1150kr