Yoga Kendra

A place for your mind, body & soul

Yoga Kendra is your destination for yoga, mediation, connection, and personal growth. Our community is based on trust, kindess, compassion, joy, gratitude, understanding, and most of all love. Our goal is to hold space for your personal practice and your physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. We offer yoga classes, treatments, workshops, yoga teacher trainings in Malmö, Sweden. We love what we do and look forward to sharing this with you!

Why Yoga?

Yoga is 5,000 year-old discipline from India, developed to unite the body and the mind through a series of postures and breathing techniques, while offering the powerful benefits of exercise. The beauty is that anyone can do it, regardless of your age or your current fitness. Yoga helps us to handle everyday tasks, especially stressful responsibilities, demanding intellectually, emotionally or physically engagement. You will gain endurance, strength, flexibility, empowering vitality , positive energy and awareness .Yoga allows for inner peace, balance and harmony. You can firmly establish your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-insight. Increasing awareness around your own being, your purpose and connection with others, creates meaning in our lives and extends to our community.

How To Get To Us

  • Take the bus or train to Triangeln
  • Exit by McDonald's, the southeast corner of Triangeln
  • Cross the street
  • Find us on your left-hand side between two restaurants

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