yoga, meditation and harmony

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to create a warm, loving and welcoming space for everyone. We want to build a community, wholeheartedly towards health and happiness. We invite you to pay attention to your personal development. Here you can also meet friends, family or new people.

Our vision is to learn, practice and integrate a genuine yoga practice and a yogic culture to create and nurture a world that is healing, compassionate and human.

We have learnt and experienced from ancient Yoga traditions, that combining physical Yoga practice with meditation and yoga philosophy, improves your lifestyle. You can change patterns in your life to reach well-being.

Our philosophy is to be respectful, kind and compassionate without judgements. It’s important for us to greet you with a smile. It gives us all positive energy.

We believe that when we are in harmony, love can bloom and we can connect in a beautiful feeling of meaningfulness, purpose and healthy belonging.

We take a big interest in nurturing and building your health towards well-being through yoga!

“ To inspire everyone of us to make a world a land of peace and joy, love and wisdom”

O M shanti shanti shanti

- Bhagavad Gita

How to get to us

Take any public transporation to Triangeln

Exit on Triangelns southeast side (Södra Förstadsgatan)

Cross the street

Find Yoga Kendra at Friisgatan 6C

Our Teachers

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Anja Eriksson

Edita Juchneviciute


Emilie Hallgard

Henrik Schmidt

Henrik Schmidt

Katerina Johansson

Nina Conradson

Patrick Brookes

Clara Cacciamani

Johanna Godefroid

Marta Dell'Anna


Lama Chimey

2 (1)

Jennifer Henriksson