Replenish Your Mind & Body

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Classic Swedish massage, perfect for recovering muscles or complete relaxation. (45/60/90 min)

Zonterapi / Reflexology

Stimulating the body's self-recovery system through pressure point in the feet which balances your system and is very relaxing. (45/60 min)

Reiki Healing

Releases tension, nervosity, and stress in an unwinding session of healing your flow of energy. (45/60 min)

Access Bars

Releases mental and emotional tensions that blocking your potential serenity, while receiving a nice massage. (45/60 min)

Zonterapi / Reflexology for pregnant women and after childbirth

A specially designed massage that is relaxing and calming for both mother and child. (60 min)

Craniosacral Therapy

Unblocks tensions in your body to restore you to your original health through a meditative focus that includes light touch on different bones and structures. (60 min / 90 min)

Zonterapi/ Reflexology Lymph drainage (RLD)

An award winning reflexology with focusing on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body. (45 min)

Reiki &Zonterapi

Reiki healern hjälper till att få energin i kroppen att flöda och löser upp de delarna där blockeringarna finns, för att ladda kroppen med positiv energi.

Ayurvedisk indisk ansikte, huvud och nacke massage

En mycket behaglig massage av nacke, huvud och ansikte med mjuka rytmiska massagesvep som ges med lätt beröring.


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